Dale Drills

Agricultural Seed Drill Manufacturers

Dale Drills is an agricultural seed drill manufacturing firm, based in the UK, specialising in direct drills. Our drills are renowned for their excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and low power requirement. Capable of drilling in direct, min-till and conventional seedbeds, our range of drills are some of the most versatile drills on the market.

Their Current Range Includes:

Eco L

The Eco-Drill is Dale Drills’ flagship model. Capable of drilling direct and conventional seedbeds and everything inbetween, the Eco-Drill is the most versatile seed drill on the market. Read more

Eco M

The Eco-M from Dale Drills. Encompassing the same features as the larger Eco L, packaged in such a way that it suits smaller applications. Read more

Eco S

The Eco S utilises the innovative Dale direct drilling assemblies used on all Eco-Drills on its own mounted framework. Ideal for smaller farms, the Eco S is available in sizes up to 5m where the trailed Eco-Drill then takes over. Read more

Cover Crop Cutting Disc

The Dale Drills Cover Crop Cutting Disc Kit has been specially designed to help cut through heavy crop residue (particularly Cover Crops) ensuring good seed-soil contact and excellent establishment. Read more

Eco XL

The Eco XL from Dale Drills, available in 10-13.5 working widths to specifically fit into modern controlled traffic farming. Featuring a new for 2016 “stretched” drilling assembly giving greater clearance between tines for even better trash flow.