Kuhn SD Drills

Kuhn The direct drill range – SD Liner 3000 – SD 4000R – SD 6000R

A complete range of minimum tillage and no-till (direct) drills designed to meet your expectations The future of farming relies today on being competitive and profitable.

The FASTLINER with its innovative modular design will allow quick returns on your investment.

The range of FASTLINER drills will allow:
•  To benefit from tried and tested machine features ensuring un-interrupted drilling throughout the season.
•  Excellent quality drilling combined with a substantial reduction in crop establishment costs and in seed purchase costs due to the precision and reliability of the seed metering mechanism.
•  Increased overall drilling efficiency due to rapid work rates and high working autonomy. Quick hopper filling and simple precise seed metering adjustments along with a rapid hopper emptying system contribute to this efficiency.

Choosing a SD means choosing the drill designed to meet your every requirement in all drilling conditions and most importantly to achieve your primary objective: to obtain the best possible quality of drilling.