Ryetec MAAG

The MAAG SSP range of drills have been developed over the last 5 years to offer a simple and robust solution to virtually every agricultural crop establishment situation;

– No till (Direct)
– Min till
– Conventional

MAAG Direct Min till 4 metre no till grain drill on cover crop

The design incorporates floating disc coulters with individual pressure adjustment and depth control. Drill coulters are spaced with alternate rows at the front and rear of the drill frame to give maximum clearace to work even in high trash conditions and with even distribution of the drills total weight across both rows of coulters and excellent contour following charicteristics. The MAAG coulter has been designed to operate in all soil conditions with minimum horse power consumption.

– Individually adjustable coulter pressures up to 250kgs
– Straight large 435mm diameter scoloped main coulter disc
– Angle plain disc opens drill for seed
– Twin floating and adjustable angled following press wheels
– Minimal soil disturbance and low power requirement

This minimal soil disturbance coulter is capable of operating directly into sterile seedbeds following covercrops for spring drilling of cereal crops to reduce weeds including blackgrass and therefore herbicide use, please follow the link for more information;

The SSP drills also feature;
– Acurate and even pneumatic seed distribution to each coulter
– Ground driven seed metering (Variable rate option)
– Easy single point calibration´╗┐

A large 2500 litre capcity hopper, centrally mounted between front and rear coulters with single seed metering device for all seed sizes offers a perfect distribution of weight to all coulters. The heavy duty frame with hydraulic folding (4 – 6 metre models) to 2.55 metres for road transport, and large centrally mounted low ground pressure wheels and drawbar with hydraulic raise and lower and adjustable depth control.

Available as a fixed chassis 3 metre, and 4-6 metres hydraulic folding as a trailed unit with hydraulic raise and lower wheels and drawbar.

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